Jon Willers

Director / edit producer / SERIES PRODUCER


I make TV programmes about science, history and the arts and have been directing and edit producing for the past ten years for BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 & National Geographic.

Shows I've worked on have covered everything from engineering and archaeology, to human evolution and abstract art. Some of these are listed below.

I shoot on C300, FS7, XF305 and 5D - and edit my own material on Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro and Avid Newscutter. I have extensive experience of directing multi-camera shoots and I know how to get the best out of talent and contributors.

More recently I have moved into Series Producing, managing a team to deliver high volume, short-form content on budget and on schedule. 

I'm always keen to hear about new projects. If you’d like a proper CV, please drop me a line or visit Linkedin here. You can contact me at jonwillers[at]gmail[dot]com. For my showreel, scroll down or click here.


Things I’ve worked on:

  • Secret Life of Books (BBC4)

  • Secret Knowledge (BBC4)

  • Supermarket Secrets (BBC1)

  • The One Show (BBC1)

  • Bang Goes the Theory (BBC1)

  • Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (BBC2)

  • Prehistoric Autopsy (BBC2)

  • Time Team (C4)

  • The Decryptors (Nat Geo) 


A selection of clips up to end 2014 - new showreel to follow.

Clip 1: One Show item about the construction of the new Queensferry Crossing over the Firth of Forth (TX: 13 Aug 2014)

Clip 2: One Show item covering a mass public art event inspired by the abstract artist Piet Mondrian's connection to the city of Liverpool (TX: 9 Sept 2014)

Clip 3: Part of a Bang Goes the Theory special about extreme weather, in which Liz Bonnin visits a team of physicists who can make snow in a cloud chamber (TX: 10 March 2011)

Clip 4: One of nine VTs I directed for Prehistoric Autopsy, about the construction of three anatomically-correct human ancestors at a special effects workshop (TX: 22 Oct 2012)

Clip 5: The opening VT for series 1 of Trust Me I'm a Doctor, which looks at why BMI is a flawed method for assessing health (TX: 10 Oct 2013)



E: jonwillers[at]gmail[dot]com

M: 07795 225 942